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Plagiarism and Copy Protection

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we wish plagiarists are this hot

Our main site,, was recently a victim of plagiarism. Someone was copy-pasting whole articles from our blog onto The feeling was a mixture of annoyance and slight amusement. Annoyance because our hard work is just copy-pasted on someone else's self serving page. Amusement because someone thought our articles would give him actual "blogosphere" cred (and because it really was just copy pasted, my wife usually calls me by name on those posts and I was surprised to read "EJ" on many of "his" posts).

My initial thought was to disable copying & right-clicking completely. There are numerous plug-ins and scripts available with the most popular being WP-CopyProtect. It disables right-clicking on your blog and text selection altogether. Pretty powerful.

Now, after some thinking, we decided not to take such drastic a measure. Being a review site, most people probably copy phone numbers, directions, what to order from our site. Also, a surprising number of people (mostly productivity geeks) navigate through the web using the mouse's right-click. Yes, this would stop most plagiarists, but we would also negatively impact even more readers.

Other options include using Tynt which adds a copyright acknowledgement to the copied text. Of course this assumes that plagiarists choose to leave the credit on the pasted text. As a further service, Tynt does offer a service called Tynt insight that tracks the copying being done from your site.

Another option is placing a banner. This is pretty nifty, not only do you see how many people are online at any point in time on your page, you also see what they copy. Of course you need to pay up to see more options, otherwise you just see previews of what was copied.

Yet another option, and I think the most popular is using Copyscape. All you need to do is go to their website, enter your URL, and it'll show you possible occurences of plagiarism. This is actually how we found the guy lifting our content. Unfortunately, Copyscape only shows you around 3 plagiarism incidents, after that, you have to pay.

We finally decided on using and periodically checking Copyscape. This would be the least intrusive to our readers and would provide us the with the greatest flexibility.

We also decided to just stop worrying about this whole mess. We still have the golden goose, after all -- no matter how much this person tries -- he won't be able to generate the content that we generate.

How about you? How do you deal with plagiarism?

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Manila Blogs: Nominees for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project

I was reading over the posts of Manila Reviews and I saw the write up regarding the Influential Blogger's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project. I never knew that there was such a thing (since I'm a newbie, as well), but I think that it's great that we have an avenue to nominate blogs that we like and blogs that we want to promote. I can actually join this contest, but I would rather vote for other blogs since I know I still have to build a more 'influential' blog.

So for my nominees, I nominate:

1. Manila Mommy (  My wife and I are newly married and I saw how often she read the articles on this website. I think the articles on this site are very realistic that new mothers can relate to the writer.

2. The creative dork ( The comic strips are funny and the articles are very straight forward. I like it simple and straight to the point. This blog will go a long way!

3. Manila Fitness ( I always read articles on running, basketball, and other 'guy' sports. And seldom do I see sites that caters to women's fitness and other women's concerns.

4. Manila Shopaholic ( It's a good site where local entrepreneurs can promote their products and where 'shopaholics' can view and look for good buys. The entries are a must read for the "shopingeros and shopingeras".

5. Face buko ( The site had an interesting concept and entries were funny!

6. When In Manila ( We love the idea of video blogs! I certainly hope that a lot of bloggers would take time out to do video blogs.

EDITED: JUN 13, 2010

7. Surviving Autism: It is a simple blog about the not-so-simple life of a mother with autism. I read the first page and found myself running through the whole gamut of human emotions -- from desperation to unadulterated hope.

8. The concept is simple -- consolidate all RSS feeds of the different "official" news websites into one page. In one look I can see all the most recent news. Sometimes one news outfit gets it first, sometimes, another does. By looking at this site, I'm sure to get the latest news. It's my homepage!

Okay that leaves 2 entries to fill out. If you know of a blog that you think deserves my vote, please feel free to comment on this entry!

Congrats to the Influential Blogger for having this activity. Sponsors that made this all possible: Events and Corporate Video, Budget hotel in Makati, Pinoy Party Food, Copyediting Services, PR Agency Philippines, Budget Travel Philippines, and Corporate Events Organizer.

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